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I have read and understand the conditions of the FOWHA Scholarship. I will provide academic my institution to release transcripts of my academic record and other information requested for consideration in the FOWHA Scholarship program. I understand that this application will be available only to qualified people who need to see it in the course of their duties. I will provide invoices/receipts as proof of my purchase. If money requested is for an upcoming invoice, the Foundation will pay the institution directly; if the money is for repayment of a purchase already done, money will be reimbursed to the person indicated on the Reimbursement Form. I waive the right to access letters of recommendation written on my behalf. If selected as a FOWHA Scholar, I agree to submit quarterly progress reports regarding how the scholarship has impacted my educational experience. I affirm the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Any questions, please email Nicole Fredrick:  [email protected]

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